My first 50K

Fingerlakes 50
Hector, NY
July 6, 2013

I have waited waaaaaay to long to write this blog but I really need to catch up and stop slacking like I have all summer.
Fingerlakes50 is a fun weekend of camping & running. Its  6 hours northwest in the finger lake region of NY. I have run this the past 2 years, the 25k, and last year won my AG div (30-40) so I was ready to move up to the 50k.
The course is technical and 2 loops for the 50K and 3 loops for 50Miler.
My training had been pretty good all summer. I wasn’t scared about the mileage having just don’t 28/29 miles at the D.C. Northface Trail run, I was more concerned about the unknown. Anything can happen at an ultra and i was hoping none of those things would happen to me.
The weather was hot & humid but not as bad as previous years, however we got TONS of rain. It had been raining for a couple weeks and rained the night before the race.
we had the bonus of running thru mud, mud mixed in with cow & horse poop!! FUN!
So after a bad night sleep I was ready to run, just wanted to get started. My goals were: finish, not have stomach issues and be done in under 8 hrs…other than that I had no other expectations. This was not going to be a race, I wasnt going to push it and do what my coach always say— start slow. So I did….
Right away, 2 miles in, I lost my shoe in the mud, this cont’d the whole race. I tried everything, running fast thru puddles, side stepping, jumping, running right thru it but my skinny foot does not stay in my shoes on a normal day. I kinda wanted to just leave my shoe but there were too many roots and sticks. It reminded me of being back in high school when during a cross country race my shoe came off in the mud. I only had a mile left so i left it. I finished the race with one shoe ha haha….
anyway— I ran alone for most of the race. I had no issues, wasn’t hot, maintained my nutrition well, walked uphills when I needed, ran all the flats and overall felt pretty good. The first loop went pretty fast and before I knew it the 2nd loop was almost done. I finished in 7:09  —- I was tired from being out on my feet so long and had some normal aches, like stomach aches cuz i was starving for real food but my stomach wasnt settled from all the gels I ate. And the race didnt have hamburgers this year so I ended up eating snacks, candy, fruit, soda, cookies, all kinds of gross things that didnt help my hunger. I felt pretty good the rest of the afternoon and was surprised how “good” my legs felt. I was expecting a lot worse, or pain or something. Had another terrible nights sleep but woke up feeling pretty good (physically)…. Again, i was surprised I didnt feel bad. I was just HUNGRY! A few of us stopped at a local Denny’s on the drive back and I think we each ordered two meals, the waitress probably thought we all had binge eating disorders. Why else would a bunch of skinny looking people order hamburgers, pancakes, milk shakes etc…. YUM!
Overall my first 50K was okay. I came in 6th in my AG div, had fun out on the trails, and had no issues recovering. In fact, when I went to see my awesome massage therapist post race he could not believe I just ran a 50k cuz my legs were relaxed and fine. I ran 10 miles the next day like no big deal.
I am sure my next 50k I will not have the same result. I plan to push it and see how well I can do.
Screen Shot 2013-07-08 at 8.39.04 AM

Screen Shot 2013-08-19 at 11.00.28 AM

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