The Battle of Brooklyn

JackRabbit Battle of Brooklyn 10 Miler
Prospect Park
August 18, 2013
Screen Shot 2013-09-20 at 7.58.28 PM

I had just been back from Iceland for a week and was anxious to spin my legs AND be in warm weather. It was nice and humid with a light drizzle. Plus I needed to get serious about marathon training again.
This race was small, I would guess 500 runners showed up to run 3 loops in Prospect Park. The park is full of rolling hills, I like it, it was fun, fast and over before I knew it. I ran a 7:55 pace with no problems and finished in 1:19… too slow but in a good spot to start the training. I’m hoping to drop my time a few more minutes this year!
photo 3

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2 Responses to The Battle of Brooklyn

  1. Jim Heaslop says:

    What is your goal pace for a 10mile run? So you ran about 7min 54 per mile (or for those who are SI inclined, just under 5min/km)

    I rolled my ankle badly and have been off running for three weeks now! I did do a 10km race the week before I did it. I was pleased to run 38:50 for the race which was not helped my my lack of training…


    Sent while out of the office.

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