Rockaway Half Marathon

Rockapulco Labor Day Half Marathon
Rockaways, Queens
August 31, 2013
Screen Shot 2013-09-20 at 9.08.32 PM

A couple weeks after The Battle of Brooklyn 10 Miler I was stoked for this Half marathon. I ran it last year and had so much fun because 1) you run on the boardwalk along the beach 2) the best fish tacos in the world, post race!!
This year wasn’t as hot, our stupid summer was pretty much over in July, I wanted HEAT! Anyway my coach decided to run and made a silly bet. He thought I had a chance of beating him. HA! what a joke, even on a bad day I havent been able to beat him —-yet.

SO I took the challenge anyway because he was just beginning his marathon training. I knew he wasn’t in a great shape and still recovering from all his Ultras over the summer. I also knew this was his way to push me. Okay the bet was on, winner buys tacos!
The course changed a little this year. Since Hurricane Sandy wiped out the boardwalk and the beach last year we ran on the road and parts of the boardwalk that have been re-built. Most of the boardwalk is still under construction. The out and back course was fun, we even ran on some sand, woo hoo…. I ran with my coach for a mile and off he went. When he stopped to use the porta potty I almost locked him inside so I could beat him. ha ha ha ha But I didn’t, I kept a good pace with some dude running near me. I was hoping to run 1:39 or less, 1:35 would have been great, but it didnt happen. I ran a 7:40 pace and finished in 1:40… (16th female overall)  I was happy. I ran 9 mins faster than last year and since coach of course beat me, he bought me tacos. so I was the real winner!!! YAY!! TACOS!!!
The other cool thing is jumping in the ocean post run. ahhhhhh immediate salt water ice bath. felt so good. I was completely cooled down & recovered pretty quick. Ocean + Chocolate Milk + Pickles + Tacos = perfect day
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I run. play. travel. work. eat. laugh. I love tacos, and chocolate milk.
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