sometimes u just need to stop for a beer


February 23, 2014

Reading, Pennsylvania

My friend Maggie aka Maggatron invited me down to Philly to run a fun little trail run in Reading, PA. It was going to be a snowy fun run, with some climbs and end up at this old private German beer club. Sign me up!  With the crazy weather (SNOW) we have been having we were told to expect up to 14 inches on the trails. YAY FUN! but then a weird warm front came thru and it was causing a lot of snow melt and slush. The awesome RD – RON sent an email out a few days before telling us he had never seen the course this bad so they were planning to shorten it.  I was super excited, if I wasnt snowboarding this weekend I was still finding a way to play in the snow. If it meant running, sliding or whatevrrrrrr. So off I went to Philly………. Rodney, who has been in a boot since Rocky Raccoon was nice enough to drive us out there since he has a car, and Maggie’s friend Matt also joined. Matt LOVED the race ….. hahaha NOT

photo 1 We arrived super early, in fact packet pick up wasnt open yet. ha ha. we relaxed, Matt took a nap in the car, and we chatted waiting to begin. Finally the race begins and thank goodness all those lead pack people helped smash the snow down. It was still tough cuz it was smaller than single track. If you tried running around someone it was knee deep snow. When we got to the first major climb I started eating snow cuz i was thirsty and THEN i started to see blood… eeeeeew blood snow everywhere. The front runners had cut up there legs on all the snow/ice and it was leaving a gnarly trail. It looked like an animal died. Okay so I am having a blast, sliding down hills and pretending I am on my snowboard. Started to get a little snow blind since I didn’t wear sunglasses. Here comes the fun part. I heard there was a beer station on the course, I had no clue where and this was my first time running this race. I had been running for more than hour when I finally saw a beer station. woo hoo!. No one was stopping so I stopped and said FREE BEEEEEER. yah. I had 1 cup, then another and started chatting with the volunteers. A lot of people were flying by me but I didn’t really think anything. After a few minutes I asked how much further to the finish and they said only a half mile up that hill …. whaaaaat! HA! i tossed my beer and took off. Apparently everyone else new the finish was close, so they didn’t see a reason to stop. I’m sure more people behind me stopped, but no one where I was. As it turned out my friend Maggie took 4th place and I would HAVE taken 5th place in our AG Div if I didn’t stop for beer. Oh Well. It was so much fun… and ya know, sometimes a beer stop, thanking the volunteers is all worth it.  We didn’t end up that muddy after the race since it was all snow but we were plenty sweaty and had super wet cold shoes & feet. I changed in the parking lot and went inside for the breakfast that was served and more beer, cuz my two cups on the course only teased me.

.photo 3 photo 2photo 1 copy

Here is the sweet RD … just look at Ron’s great hair! photo 2 copy. It was a lovely sunny winter day. We made a stop at a diner on the way home (DINER FOOD, YUM!) and later that evening I was back on the bus back to NYC. Made it home in just enough time to see the end of the Olympics.

The End.


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  1. Reina, David P says:

    Awesome story…how long did it take yall to drive to Philly

    David Reina
    Mail Services Supervisor
    UT Health Science Center San Antonio
    7703 Floyd Curl Drive
    San Antonio, Texas 78229-3900
    work: 210-567-5992 fax 210-567-3136

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