Caumsett 25k

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Caumsett 25k

Lloyd Harbour, NY

March 1, 2014

Caumsett 25k was out on Long Island in a park on the water. It was COLD, low 30s- but at least it wasnt icy windy rain.  The course was a 5k loop, so I had to run 5 loops. My math is so bad I realized the night before it was only 15.5 miles and not 17.5. woo hoo!

My goal was to try and podium in my age division. I knew I needed to run 2hrs or less and it seemed feasible. Running loops turned out to be a good thing, I was able to leave my nutrition, a bottle of Heed, at the start loop, and had the option to take off layers once I came thru each loop. Layers never came off. Never warmed up. There was one small hill and it was nice knowing when it would come up. Its also easier to count down loops than miles. My first loops were consistent around 8 min pace but I knew I needed sub 8 pace if I was trying  for 2 hours. The 3rd loop I grabbed my bottle of Heed and decided to carry it with me, since I was still wearing my jacket it was easy to keep the bottle in my pocket. My legs felt good, I ran a little faster each loop. I didn’t take a gel until 1hr and some change in and that might have affected me a little bit cuz my pace dropped on a couple miles— after that I was recharged by my hammer espresso gel. I negative split the race. Each loop was faster than the last. That was a good feeling!

I ran 2:02:52 , I missed podium by 2 mins. I took 4th place in my AG Div photo-3 copy 4

It was a fun race and also super rad because we shared the course with the 50k National Championship—- happening at the same time. “Running” the loops with the elites ,running blazing fast times!!! The female winner came within 1 min of the North American record and the male winner beat Michael Wardian’s course record. I met Michael before the race. Super nice dude. It was crazy every time he looped me, his long legs were a blur he moves so fast.

The NYC Half Marathon was only 2 weeks away, this was a perfect tune up race for me. I was happy with my fitness level and gunning to keep getting faster!

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4 Responses to Caumsett 25k

  1. zandymangold says:

    negative splitting is the new black. good job!

  2. Jason says:

    Nice job!! I think I’d like to give the 50k a go next year. I saw you on the entrant list for Cayuga Trails 50 – are you excited? Did you do it last year?

    • evygonzales says:

      thanks dude! no i am not excited about cayuga. I’m nuts for signing up. I had a few friends run it last year and they said it was the hardest run ever. GREAT! ha ha

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