Aerobic Development

my cousin Rio Reina wrote a good blog on Aerobic development. Good read!


What is aerobic development?

This can be measured in many ways, but the best way to put it is the effectiveness to produce energy aerobically.  Also, the ability to decrease lactate in the system quickly is also another great measure.

There a few things to consider while developing aerobic development

1) Easy/Moderate runs have a big stimulus to new runners.  For instance, a 14 mile run for a high school athlete will make him sore for a few days.  A seasoned marathoner can knock this out on easy days

2) Quality is of importance – If you run a 1:07 half marathon (5:08 pace), running 5:20 pace is highly aerobic just as running 7:00 pace.  Obviously one is harder than the other.  Running 5:20 for a longer duration (say 1 hr 20) will have a bigger effect than running more miles at 7:00 pace.

3) Intervals are still highly aerobic…

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  1. Reina, David P says:

    Interesting article…I’ll start running soon as it stops raining…

    David Reina
    Mail Services Supervisor
    UT Health Science Center San Antonio
    7703 Floyd Curl Drive
    San Antonio, Texas 78229-3900
    work: 210-567-5992 fax 210-567-3136

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