Dirty German 25k

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Dirty German Endurance Festival

Pennypack Park, Philadelphia, PA


Lets get duuuuuurty!!!! This race was only a few weeks after NJ Marathon and a few weeks before Cayuga50. I had wanted to run the 50k because 1.) I was in shape and ready 2.) the course is fairly flat  …however coach suggested I drop down to 25k so that my legs will be recovered and fresh for my first 50 Miler that was coming up. I went with his advice. The 25k is one of my favorite distances so I knew this would be fun. I took this as a hard training run, Go out, run hard and have fun.



I picked up my bib and it was 76 — the year I was born, I took this as a good sign! This was also my first time practicing with my new Jenny UD hydration vest (I LOVE IT), which also meant I didn’t have to stop at aid stations, I could fly by them, and thats exactly what I did. I started off hard and kept the pace. I didn’t know where i was in the pack but knew I was towards the front and didn’t see any other girls. I had a heard a fast girl, who is friends with my Philly friends, was running but i never saw her. Thats how fast she was! haha … this course was soooooo fun. Not technical and flat. we even ran on some pavement which a lot of trail runners don’t like but I took advantage and sped up. There were a couple little river crossings and some mud, and one part that was a maze and I felt like a hamster running in figure 8s. I almost slipped running in circles. I was probably around mile 10 when I started catching the 50Milers and 50K peeps that started before us. It slowed me down a little bit cuz I had been running hard  but everyone was nice on the trail and let me pass. I am not one of those runners where someone would say ‘Wow look at her speed’ but this time someone did say that. Some chick said “She’s fast” … ha ha ha that made me feel good for a second.. To be fair I was running a MUCH shorter distance than them so that is why I was able to run faster. .anyway, I knew I would probably place in my AG division and kept pushing all the way to the end. I came thru and finished in 2:11:43 and they immediately handed me an award for 2nd place Female OVERALL.   yay! woo hoooo!  And 33rd out of 215 runners overall.  The fast chick I mentioned earlier took 1st female in 1:54, she is in another league and runs sub 3 marathons. She ran something like a 2:50 at Boston this year, uhmazing!  Keeping with the German theme I won a thermostat cuckoo clock. it doesn’t cuckoo but it does tell the temp. Most unique award yet!



I was not tired after the race and had a lot more in me, and this was a good thing. I had my 50 Miler coming up and I needed all the rest I could possibly get. I highly recommend this race to anyone who wants a fast trail time in 25k, 50k or 50M. I set a new pr for myself in 25k, by 40 mins!

Such a fun day!



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5 Responses to Dirty German 25k

  1. Jason says:

    I can’t wait to read your Cayuga Trails 50 report – you didn’t see any snakes during the race, did you? Did you fall at all during the race? Please say yes so I feel slightly less clumsy 🙂

    • evygonzales says:

      no snakes this time. no falls. I did have beer at mile 37.
      and i was looking for you. I was the back of the pack chick yelling Hey Sexy to all the guys. I know u were up in the front packers.
      I’m working on my race report. excited for it.
      had so much fun!

  2. David says:

    I don’t know maybe you could pour some beer into the Jenny hydration vest – who would know?

  3. Ruthie says:

    Congrats on your PR! Sounds like you had a fun race. Bet the beer was good afterwards.

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