ChicaGO Marathon

good read by my coach and fellow Hammer athlete. He taught me the art of negative splitting – which wasnt easy!!!! He did a helluva job

Ultra Zandy

When I visit Chicago, I feel like I am at an urban spa. The Windy City is a legitimate metropolis, yet everything seems to function flawlessly, and that includes the marathon.

Even though I overslept and was running behind schedule – literally running, as the streets had already been closed down and I wasn’t able to hail a cab until I outdistanced the roadblocks – I still managed to check my non-essential gear and get to the starting corral with enough time for some pre-race strides.

The strides were ceremonial more than anything else. Today was my birthday and I vowed to take it easy during the race – at least the first half-marathon – so I could “enjoy” the race. I looked forward to sightseeing along the course and getting some quick hangs with friends who I knew would be spectating.

The cool day and flat course made for…

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2 Responses to ChicaGO Marathon

  1. Reina, David P says:

    Very good race report from Zandy…Happy Birthday to him!
    You’ll have to explain to me ‘Negative Splits’

    David Reina
    Mailing Services Supervisor MC 7850
    University of Texas Health Science Center SA
    7703 Floyd Curl Dr
    San Antonio TX 78229-3900
    O: 210-567-5992
    F: 210-567-3136

  2. Jim Heaslop says:

    Thanks for the update. Nice to hear how coach is going. You are lucky to have such a great coach.

    Now I was thinking of you two nights ago thinking I must send E1 an email. And low and behold, the next morning your email was in my inbox! Talk about connected.

    So although I am still not fit as I am a lazy person these days, I have entered into a 50km (31miles) trail race. It is in two weeks time. I started training three weeks ago. Feeling ok. I have done a few half marathon distance training runs at about the 1hr 30min pace and felt pretty good. Tell coach I am also using Hammer to keep me going. I know race day will not be so quick as it is further, rougher and steeper! But I am looking forward to getting out there and enjoying it.

    How are you going? It must be starting to cool down now for you? We are looking at a week of 30 degree Celsius (86 F) plus days.

    So any news from your side of the world???


    Sent while out of the office.


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