Kraut Run 8k

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Kraut Run 8k

Oct 4, 2014

Fredericksburg, Texas

Couple months late on this but I need to finish up with races before 2014 ends. This past October I was in Texas and headed to Oktoberfest to drink beer with my good friend Tara, who grew up in Fredericksburg, and I heard there was a race —so of course I signed up!! I also made Tara sign up since she has run it before.


It was a short 8k and I went out to have fun and see how fast I could run. The morning was perfect weather! I fueled with 1 Hammer gel and went to the start, surprised how many runners for a small town race.


The race went thru the lovely FBG on rolling hills. I stayed up near the front pack of boys but they slowly were getting away from me so I hung with the next pack and those guys were getting away from me, so I ran alone until the last couple miles a dude caught up to me and we pushed each other. I stepped on a rock and tweaked my ankle but kept going. I still pushed hard and sprinted, negative splitting to the finish. I was First Female Overall, 7:11 pace and 35:41 time, coming in 15th place out of 203 runners total. Super fun to be first female. I got a pretty rad stein that I carried around the whole day filled with beer!


About a week after the race I found out I made the local paper. woo hoo!



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I run. play. travel. work. eat. laugh. I love tacos, chocolate milk and Hammer Nutrition.
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3 Responses to Kraut Run 8k

  1. Reina, David P says:

    Send the article from the local paper…your my hero!

    David Reina
    Mailing Services Supervisor MC 7850
    University of Texas Health Science Center SA
    7703 Floyd Curl Dr
    San Antonio Texas 78229-3900
    WK: 210-567-5992; FAX: 210-567-3136
    [HSC Logo]

  2. evygonzales says:

    okay, ill show you next time I see you

  3. Jim Heaslop says:

    Nice, very nice! 🙂

    Sent while out of the office.


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