Staten Island 25k



DEC. 6, 2014

I signed up for this race the night before. It was cold and rainy, and I had to figure out how to get myself to the race on Staten Island. Figured it all out, didn’t have my trail shoes or my rain jacket but who cares, regular running shoes would do and this would be my last race of the year. Started with eating my new fave flavor from Hammer- Hazelnut chocolate — and off we went. The course was all trail, so fun!!! Lots of hills, climbing, single track and didn’t feel like we were in NYC. Who knew Staten Island had awesome trails?!?!?! I ran with my jenny UD vest so I didn’t have to carry a water bottle, even for short 25k’s the vest is so much more efficient and I don’t have to stop at an aid station. Filled my water bottles with Hammer Fizz and stuffed an extra gel in my vest pocket. I was feeling great and ran most of the race by myself, after about 10 miles of running solo I saw some runners and ran with them for a bit. Then it started to rain again and it got colder. no bueno!!!! dumb me had thrown my gloves after the first few miles at an aid station —- amateur move, cuz i really needed them now. Decided to pick up the pace and was about 3 miles from the finish ——all I could think about was changing into warm clothes and heading home. Cold rain is the worst! I finished in 2:38 good enough for 2nd Place USATF Female Master. I didn’t know Masters for USATF is 35 and up, NOT 40 and up like other Master divisions. So I got two medals.


The rain was coming down hard when I was done and I ran to the tent quickly changing into dry clothes and wanting to leave but I didn’t have a ride back to the ferry. Thats when local runner Tommy Hart stepped in and offered me a ride. what a character! he insisted we stop by his place so he could show me his awesome van. He had it custom painted with states that he has run marathons in. He has run over 100 and is 70 yrs young!


anyway, tommy got me to the ferry and I had to deal with subway delays once in the city aaaaand finally got home 2 hours later. I was so tired, it was still pouring rain and cold! despite all that it was an amazing day. I was happy with my last race of the year and highly recommend running trails in Staten Island if you ever get the chance! #howihammer



About evygonzales

I run. play. travel. work. eat. laugh. I love tacos, chocolate milk and Hammer Nutrition.
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3 Responses to Staten Island 25k

  1. Reina, David P says:

    Evy I would have had a difficult time running in the rain, and, especially if I had to travel to SI to do it! You the bomb

    David Reina
    Mailing Services Supervisor MC 7850
    University of Texas Health Science Center SA
    7703 Floyd Curl Dr
    San Antonio Texas 78229-3900
    WK: 210-567-5992; FAX: 210-567-3136
    [HSC Logo]

  2. Jim Heaslop says:

    It is hard to imagine cold when it has bee. Baking hot here over Christmas. I don’t think I have used the hot water tap in the shower for at least a month!


    Sent while out of the office.


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