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Concan, Texas

February 14, 2015

Valentines Day! Spent the whole day with my mama and it was fantastic!! Boston training began while I was in Colorado chasing the freshies. I returned to Texas feeling pumped and thought jumping into a half marathon as part of my training would be easy. After coming down from  Colorado altitude  I was dying in the Texas heat. The Frio run was a looped on a golf course, with no shade. If my mama wasnt at mile 7 with my Heed I might have stopped to WALK and cool down. It wasnt a big race and the lead runners were all chicks. Pretty Cool! Top 5 runners were all girls except 1. I ran an okay race, not my best, but def not the worst. Finished 5th Overall and 3rd Female — also won my Age Division. woo hoo!  After the run my mama and I spent the afternoon at Garner State park and I soaked my legs in the cold Frio. It aint called the Frio for nothing! Such a beautiful warm Texas winter day……. 9 weeks to Boston!

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I run. play. travel. work. eat. laugh. I love tacos, chocolate milk and Hammer Nutrition.
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One Response to Frio.River.Run

  1. David says:

    your are awesome! like my dad used to say…”keep em’ flying”

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