Summer Catch up, Parting ways with Coach plus Brooklyn RnR Half

Let me catch up from the summer. After Boston I took it easy through the spring focusing on relaxing, spring turns on the hill (snowboarding!) and letting my body take a rest. After about a month off I started running again just for fun. I entered the Oakley New York Mini 10K in Central Park to spin my legs. It was hot, humid and 1 quick loop thru the park. I was surprised to have a bit of speed left in my legs since Boston. But after this race I knew I needed a mental break from running so I wouldn’t burn myself out.

Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 1.52.50 PM

Over the summer I decided I was going to swim 5-6 days a week and bike ride only, no running. The only runs I did was to the pool and back, which is not even a ‘run’. Its .9 miles, not even 1 mile. Felt amazing to be back in the pool and keep my endurance up. I knew I had the NYC Marathon November 1st and planned to resume running in August. By the time August rolled around I felt pretty good and rested. I had gotten pretty strong from all the swimming and kept my legs strong by bike riding everywhere in the city, but its still different putting foot to pavement. I was also at a loss for running because I parted ways with my coach. My former coach took me places in running I never thought possible and believed in my abilities and knew I would hit my goals. I’ve enjoyed running since I was 3 or 4 years old but to hit goal races I need a coach and I LIKE being coached. I like following a plan, doing the work and seeing the rewards. So I took upon myself to follow old training plans from my coach. This wasn’t easy because I had no one to “answer to”.  I also didn’t have a goal race. The upcoming NYC Marathon was going to be a fun run with my good buddy Brian. So running became an afterthought for me but I kept at it.

I signed up for the RnR Brooklyn Half October 10th,  as a test to see where my fitness level was. I dislike RnR races very much and the inaugural Brooklyn half didn’t disappoint my dislike. The organization doesn’t really care about runners. That being said I showed up to spin my legs and have a  good time, screw the organizers!

IMG_4702  Morning of the race I didn’t want to get out of bed from being sick, I was a bit worried. October in New York started out with crazy cold, then mild, back to cold, mild, windy, rainy and it seemed like everyone was sick. My body had been drained for days and I felt like I was on the edge of a full blown cold. I readjusted my goal as I was taught in the past. Decided I would show up, then take it from there. Started out conservative to get my body awake, I swear I was still asleep 5k in. After an Espresso hammer gel my body was waking up and I started picking up the pace. I slowly caught up to the 1:45 pace group and ran with them for a couple miles. Then caught up to the 1:40 pace group and hung with them until the last couple miles where I finished strong.

FullSizeRender_2 FullSizeRender_1

I had ZERO energy at the finish. This was def not my fastest but I was happy with my performance. I ran with no watch or garmin but I know I negative split the race. I also knew if I was running a 1:40 half right now I should be in decent shape for a fun NYC Marathon that was only a few weeks away. WRONG!!!! I ended up with a full blown cold the next day and in bed for a few days. I had planned a 15-17 miler that week but instead barely got out of bed and jogged 45 mins twice that week. Leaving me coughing, tired, sneezing and no energy. The next week I lost my voice for a few days and still couldn’t get well. I had to readjust my game plan and knew I couldnt try and catch up miles, the best I could do is keep my endurance and spin my legs the best I could.

The fall season is here. Post RnR Brooklyn Half, I’m so tired in that photo. All I wanted was to sleep and feel better.



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One Response to Summer Catch up, Parting ways with Coach plus Brooklyn RnR Half

  1. David #10 says:

    a very interesting recap…how are you feeling now-a-days?
    you didn’t say why you parted ways w/coach…and you don’t have to if you don’t want to.
    x’s & o’s

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