Vertical K Lake Placid

July 9, 2016

Super fun weekend at Lake Placid with friends!

It rained most of the weekend except for a few hours on the day of the Vertical K. After a short delay we were off, going straight up the mountain. I had been to Lake Placid once before in the winter and did not want to touch that mountain that is otherwise known as ‘Iceface’. Its ugly and steep! I had no clue how long it would take me to go up but surprised it was right under 1 hour. The climb turned into me crawling at one point on all fours, heavy breathing but incredible views the higher we got. 13626974_625585680939241_3339520791244663714_n13640775_1398039483545318_7712423526736264362_o

The clouds parted long enough for a photo at the top.


The rain started up pretty soon after we were done and we spent the rest of the weekend playing games at our sweet Airbnb loft. It was this weekend that Maggie told me I should sign up for the Franklin Mtn race in El Paso. Read the next blog to hear about that!

Ralph, Ryan, Maggie, me and the dog whose name I forgot.


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I run. play. travel. work. eat. laugh. I love tacos, and chocolate milk.
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3 Responses to Vertical K Lake Placid

  1. Jim Heaslop says:

    Sounds tough!!! Just how you like it 🙂 why do it if it is easy…

    Sent while out of the office.


  2. Ryan Schannauer says:

    Dog was Baxter, or Einstein… Or some scientist name?!

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