Missions San Antonio Half

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Feb 28, 2015

San Antonio, Texas

I just realized I didn’t blog about this race. It was another Half training run, it was cold and raining. A mostly flat course, I won my age group, hurried out of my wet clothes and went to Mi Tierra for tacos after. This was my last race in Texas before I headed back to NYC to finish Boston training in the bitter winter the Northeast was having.


As I type this, I am 2 days away from Boston. I CANT WAIT! Super excited to run Boston again!!!

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Alamo Run Fest Half

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Alamo Run Fest Half Marathon

February 22, 2015

San Antonio, Texas

Another Half Marathon for Boston training. I went into this run with a specific goal –to negative split. Still trying to perfect this with coach’s advice. I started out a bit slower than my race pace and had a hard time holding back. It was a flat course, perfect 50 degree weather and cloudy. The race started at the Alamo dome, went thru downtown near the Pearl District, thru Fort Sam Houston base and back downtown towards the finish line INSIDE the Alamo Dome. It was fun to finish in the dome, where the San Antonio Spurs use to play!!!! oh yah, so I nailed negative splitting. I held back for 7 miles and dropped the pace after that. I got faster each mile, I wasnt tired, felt strong. I heard I placed 3rd in my Age but didn’t stay around to collect an award. I had tacos to eat!!.

I was lucky to have my dad at this race chasing me around the course with his phone. He took a bunch of videos & photos and he kept telling me I didn’t look tired. and I wasnt! Nice fun training run….. 8 weeks to Boston.

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Concan, Texas

February 14, 2015

Valentines Day! Spent the whole day with my mama and it was fantastic!! Boston training began while I was in Colorado chasing the freshies. I returned to Texas feeling pumped and thought jumping into a half marathon as part of my training would be easy. After coming down from  Colorado altitude  I was dying in the Texas heat. The Frio run was a looped on a golf course, with no shade. If my mama wasnt at mile 7 with my Heed I might have stopped to WALK and cool down. It wasnt a big race and the lead runners were all chicks. Pretty Cool! Top 5 runners were all girls except 1. I ran an okay race, not my best, but def not the worst. Finished 5th Overall and 3rd Female — also won my Age Division. woo hoo!  After the run my mama and I spent the afternoon at Garner State park and I soaked my legs in the cold Frio. It aint called the Frio for nothing! Such a beautiful warm Texas winter day……. 9 weeks to Boston!

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Bandera 25k


Tejas Trails, Bandera 25k

Texas Hill Country

Jan 10, 2015

I am writing this report over a month later and that photo above is what Bandera looked like the week before the race— sunny, and a beautiful Texas winter day. I was excited to run this race again and had 3 goals; beat my time last year, win my age group and place higher overall. I accomplished 1 of the 3.

Woke up to cold rainy weather (cold for Texas!) It was 23 degrees, which that didn’t scare me, I was concerned about the ice and slippery rocks. The course is all rocks, slipping on mud & ice makes for a fun race. NOT! When I arrived at the race there was still a steady cold drizzle and the “parking lot” was already full of mud and cars were getting stuck. I grabbed my bag and headed for the start area where I ran into Roy Pirrung the Legend and Traci Falbo. Roy wasnt racing for once and Traci, a fellow Hammer athlete and total badass beast was racing the 100k. It was nice to finally meet her in person, she is super cool and had just recently held the 100 mile U.S. record. You can read about her here http://tracifalbo.blogspot.com. Me and Traci early in the morning pre-race #howwehammerFullSizeRender

I tried to get a good start so I wouldn’t be stuck in the bottleneck single track at the beginning. And I got my fall out of the way pretty early on, around mile 5 or 6 I tripped on a rock and went flying, I didn’t even trip on a downhill or ice—  just my own two feet. I had just put my gloves back on and that helped cushion my palms but my knee hit a few rocks pretty hard but I got right back up and kept going. The course had become so muddy from the previous nights rain that runners were falling and slipping all over the place.

Screen Shot 2015-01-12 at 10.59.25 PM somewhere along the only flat part I regained my composure, ate a hammer gel and pushed on trying to hit my goals. The drizzle had let up only to return the last 5 miles of my run. My legs were getting heavy running with caked mud so I popped a couple Energy Surge which I had never tried in a race. First time I tried an energy surge I swallowed it and nothing happened. My coach, also a Hammer athlete, reminded me I needed to let it dissolve under my tongue and thats what I did this time. Holy cow they worked because with 5k left in the race it was a mud fest and I had a sudden burst of energy running thru a mud trail slipping and sliding. Some guy in the trail told me I was 7th or 8th female and that encouraged me to pick it up even more. I was running with a couple 16 yr old kids who came out with their cross country team, both kids were running the longest they have ever raced. It was funny listening to them talk about how faaaar this was and how they were beating the coach! When we hit the last aid station I told the kids we only had about 1/2 mile to go– so lets push it. OMG 1 kid took off sprinting!! left me in the mud!!! I rounded the turn in the trail and heard my name — it was my dad cheering for me– which I was surprised because I didn’t think anyone was coming out to cheer in cold miserable weather. Right at that turn with 400 meters to go a girl comes from nowhere and passes me. ohhhhhhhhhhh no! where did she come from. I had been running alone, besides those 2 kids for awhile. I pushed so hard that last 200 and came in 4 hundredths of a second behind her. I took one look at her and knew she was in my age division. Yup- she was and won our Age Div which I wanted so bad!!! I wanted that donkey award!! I took 2nd in Age Div, again, and my time was 3 minutes slower than last year, but I did place higher overall – 7th female up from 10th last year. 1 out of 3 goals isn’t so bad I guess.

These are my different faces. I went from being mad to annoyed to just cold. Was much happier in my dry clothes. Until next time Bandera……

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Staten Island 25k



DEC. 6, 2014

I signed up for this race the night before. It was cold and rainy, and I had to figure out how to get myself to the race on Staten Island. Figured it all out, didn’t have my trail shoes or my rain jacket but who cares, regular running shoes would do and this would be my last race of the year. Started with eating my new fave flavor from Hammer- Hazelnut chocolate — and off we went. The course was all trail, so fun!!! Lots of hills, climbing, single track and didn’t feel like we were in NYC. Who knew Staten Island had awesome trails?!?!?! I ran with my jenny UD vest so I didn’t have to carry a water bottle, even for short 25k’s the vest is so much more efficient and I don’t have to stop at an aid station. Filled my water bottles with Hammer Fizz and stuffed an extra gel in my vest pocket. I was feeling great and ran most of the race by myself, after about 10 miles of running solo I saw some runners and ran with them for a bit. Then it started to rain again and it got colder. no bueno!!!! dumb me had thrown my gloves after the first few miles at an aid station —- amateur move, cuz i really needed them now. Decided to pick up the pace and was about 3 miles from the finish ——all I could think about was changing into warm clothes and heading home. Cold rain is the worst! I finished in 2:38 good enough for 2nd Place USATF Female Master. I didn’t know Masters for USATF is 35 and up, NOT 40 and up like other Master divisions. So I got two medals.


The rain was coming down hard when I was done and I ran to the tent quickly changing into dry clothes and wanting to leave but I didn’t have a ride back to the ferry. Thats when local runner Tommy Hart stepped in and offered me a ride. what a character! he insisted we stop by his place so he could show me his awesome van. He had it custom painted with states that he has run marathons in. He has run over 100 and is 70 yrs young!


anyway, tommy got me to the ferry and I had to deal with subway delays once in the city aaaaand finally got home 2 hours later. I was so tired, it was still pouring rain and cold! despite all that it was an amazing day. I was happy with my last race of the year and highly recommend running trails in Staten Island if you ever get the chance! #howihammer


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Kraut Run 8k

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Kraut Run 8k

Oct 4, 2014

Fredericksburg, Texas

Couple months late on this but I need to finish up with races before 2014 ends. This past October I was in Texas and headed to Oktoberfest to drink beer with my good friend Tara, who grew up in Fredericksburg, and I heard there was a race —so of course I signed up!! I also made Tara sign up since she has run it before.


It was a short 8k and I went out to have fun and see how fast I could run. The morning was perfect weather! I fueled with 1 Hammer gel and went to the start, surprised how many runners for a small town race.


The race went thru the lovely FBG on rolling hills. I stayed up near the front pack of boys but they slowly were getting away from me so I hung with the next pack and those guys were getting away from me, so I ran alone until the last couple miles a dude caught up to me and we pushed each other. I stepped on a rock and tweaked my ankle but kept going. I still pushed hard and sprinted, negative splitting to the finish. I was First Female Overall, 7:11 pace and 35:41 time, coming in 15th place out of 203 runners total. Super fun to be first female. I got a pretty rad stein that I carried around the whole day filled with beer!


About a week after the race I found out I made the local paper. woo hoo!


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Run 10 Feed 10 w/Team ReFuel

September 21, 2014 New York, NY Team Refuel asked me to join them at ‘Run 10 Feed 10’ in New York City for a flat 10k along the west side highway. I had planned to run the Philly Half Marathon this day but since my hamstrings had been aggravated and I stopped running for a few weeks this 10k was perfect to see how my hammie’s felt. I’ve been trying to pick up my speed to run a fast half marathon and it hasn’t been easy for me. This 10k was so nice. Foggy, humid morning, we ran along the west side highway and the hudson river…. a lot of really young fast girls, it was fun!! I didn’t know if I would be able to hold a 7:30 pace coming off being hurt but to my surprise I held on for a 7:18 pace. Not bad for no running the past couple weeks! All I have to do is get that down to a 7min pace and hold for 13.1 miles. I had lots of chocolate milk post run!



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